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Vapor Line Class 5 Steam Sterilization Integrator


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  • SKU: NT9008
  • Manufactured by: PROPPER MFG.CO


Vapor Line Class 5 Steam Sterilization Integrator
Propper Mfg

Propper has developed a complete line of non-toxic indicators that comply with both the FDA and ISO 11140-1,4,5 requirements. Type 1 through 6 indicators that comply with ISO 11140-1 are available. Also available are FDA cleared process indicators, air removal indicators, integrators and emulators. Propper indicators monitor attainment of critical sterilization parameters in steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat, formaldehyde/chemical vapor, peracetic acid, or hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes.

Propper manufactures chemical indicators that use environmentally friendly ink that can be printed in a variety of ways to be sure your product is perfect for you. Propper uses indicator inks that are biodegradable and latex, DNR, TSE, and BSE free, which can be either water or solvent based.

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